Social Board

We seek to financially and logistically facilitate all committee activities and make it as easy as possible for committees to function.

academic Board

We take care of the academic side and represent the voice of the students to the academic side of the College.

independent body

We make sure to keep the Social Board and Academic Council in accordance with the association’s Statutes and Policy Manual.

About us

Enjoy the social and academic activities supported by Univeralis.

UCMSA Universalis is a multicultural and multidisciplinary student association directly affiliated with the University College Maastricht. Collectively, Universalis has approximately 750 members and aims to facilitate a colorful and vibrant university life for them.

The Social Board

There are currently six members on the UCMSA Universalis Social Board: President, Treasurer, Secretary, External Executive, Social Executive, and Acquisitions Executive. Currently only the President is elected by Universalis members, the rest of the Board are selected by the previous Board and then officialised through a public vote in a General Assembly.


The President chairs the General Assemblies and is ultimately responsible for the administration of Universalis.


The Secretary takes care of all the administrative tasks for committees and Universalis members.


The Treasurer takes care of reimbursements, invoices and other related financial affairs on behalf of Universalis.


The Executives stay in contact with committees and make sure that committees get the required support.

The Social Board Team

Manuel Ntsoumou


Joost Wijffels


Ruben Backx


Noa Zogo Ayissi

External Executive

Maxime Kramer

Social Executive

Kendra Kibbey

Acquisitions Executive

The Academic Board

The Academic Board works in parallel with the Study Association Board, with five members: Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Events Coordinator, and External. The Board represents students in working with the University College Maastricht’s Board of Studies, who are responsible for evaluating academic courses and affairs.


The Chair presides AC meetings, takes part in the management team meetings and coordinates the work and direction of the Academic Council.

Events coordinator

The Events Coordinator is responsible for having an overview of and organizing Academic Council events.


The treasurer is in charge of creating and maintaining the budget of the Academic Council. The treasurer also organizes the mentor program, and holds a seat on the Educational Programme Committee.


The Internal Executive is in charge of the AC’s communication with the student body. They advertise the AC’s events, be it via Facebook, Instagram, Email newsletters or physical posters. They are also a member of the EPC.

The Academic Council Team

Lou Petrone


Eylül Bilge Uçak

Events Coordinator

Belle Boss


Vítor da Silva

External Executive

Shamayita Sarkar

Internal Executive


Our Association supports more than 25 committees that organize various acitivities around the University College Maastricht and create a sense of community at the College.

contact information

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What students say about Universalis

For me, Universalis is what makes UCM such an extraordinary place. It is the glue that holds the community together and maybe even more importantly it exemplifies the core belief that student life and growth is about more than just academics.

Jonathan Schoen

Universalis is what differentiates UCM from other higher education institutes. It is a platform that enables people with shared interests to come together and form bonds that enhance both their social and academic experience.

Elisabeth Hiller

Universalis is a space in which you can grow by being active. For me, events like the open mic and  game nights gave me a great way to gain an active social life. I had the opportunity to push myself and gain experiences by being a member of the Social Board.

Ela Jade Ünal